Raymond Edney

Raymond Edney is a Yinggarda man, born in Carnarvon. His Yinggarda/Bidgemia mother and Wajardi/Burringarrah father helped shape his deep devotion to family and strong regard for traditional indigenous culture.

His extended family have also influenced his strong connection to Yinggarda and Wajardi country. He works extensively within the community and beyond to keep the stories of indigenous culture alive, through his music and art.

A well known singer-songwriter and guitarist, Raymond performs regularly at music festivals and concerts and is actively involved in promoting culture to young and old. Raymond is also a respected visual artist, who shows his work all over the state.

“In my art, I look to the beauty of my surroundings and my cultural heritage to inspire myself and others. Everything is intertwined with the land, and land is integral to shaping identity.”