The Jamba Nyinayi band feat. Hazel Walgar and Wes Mongoo

Alongside the visiting artists, the 2024 festival will again showcase the cream of local musical talent, introducing new songs written in collaboration for the event with Baiyungu Elder, Hazel Walgar translating and sharing the traditional Baiyungu stories into contemporary songs. In 2023 the songs written told the story of the meeting of Willara and Jirndarl, the sun and the moon, culminating in the Total Solar Eclipse. In 2024 workshops leading up to the festival will facilitate the creation of new songs for the band. 

With musical direction by David Hyams, the band will feature Carnarvon singer songwriter and guitarist, Wesley Mongoo, whose powerful voice was showcased in 2023. Young Carnarvon born vocalist, Jenaya Lawrence will make a return to her country to perform. The band is complimented by Hyams on guitars, virtuoso bassist, Roy Martinez and Carnarvon local, Anne Bavin on drums and will provide backing for festival headline acts artists as the house band, where needed.