David Milroy & Lucky Oceans

DAVID MILROY – Singer Songwriter
David Milroy is a Palyku man, and one of the key figures of WA’s Indigenous Art Renaissance, having been Artistic Director of Yirra Yaakin Theatre and a writer of award-winning plays, including ‘Windmill Baby’ and ‘Waltzing the Wilarra.’ And Panawathi Girl. Many of David’s beautifully crafted songs are plucked from his plays and he has been a gifted and prolific writer of songs almost since he became a professional musician in the 70s.

LUCKY OCEANS – Singer Songwriter
Lucky is a musician with deep roots in many musical styles and a strong desire to communicate with his audience. He was born into a music-loving family in Philadelphia and has played with Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Paul Kelly, Archie Roach and Hank Marvin. He co-founded the group Asleep at the Wheel with whom he won 2 Grammy Awards and 7 Nominations. Lucky is committed to pushing his instrument, the Pedal Steel Guitar, into new directions and he has been called ‘the most influential steel guitarist of his generation.’

David’s songs about the depth of human experience and of life in the Pilbara weave in seamlessly with Lucky’s big picture songs about difficult choices and century-spanning imaginary worlds.