Festival eve will see two-night campers have the exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in extended festival content and intimate cultural experiences from music and dance to storytelling by an open campfire under the stars. This experience is just for those on two-night camping packages, who’d like to come and sit with us and “rest a while” – Jamba Nyinayi

See the Campfire Sessions program below (this is subject to change and more details released closer to the event date;


Welcome, w/Campfire Cook Up & Sessions

Accessible for Happy Campers and DIY Campers ONLY

5.30pm – 7pm       Campfire Cook Up: Traditional Baiyungu fire pit dinner, shared around the campfire (Happy Campers ONLY)

7pm – 7.15pm       Baiyungu Welcome: Traditional Owners sharing the JNF24 theme (“A Gathering Place”) language & yarning. With Hazel Walgar and others.

7.15pm – 7.45pm        Contemporary & Traditional Dance: Selected festival dancers “showcase”, encouraging participation by everyone.

7.45pm – 7:50pm       Didgeridoo: solo didgeridoo from one of our finest exponents.

7:50pm – 9.00pm       Intimate music session and jam: A selection of artists presenting acoustic & intimate performance & yarning – Stephen Pigram, David Milroy & Lucky Oceans, Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight), Fred Ryan, Wes Mongoo and Hazel Walgar.

9pm – 9.30pm            Campfire Sessions, Astrology: Traditional & leading WA astrologer ‘duo’, interactive.